Hello readers. Due to the circumstances surrounding episode 1001, this page is no longer available. DH has asked that I remove any information that the “bloodsucking Feds” or “hypocrites” could use against us. Though most of my blog is unavailable for now, I hope to make this great content available again soon – as soon as we clear our names!

In the meantime, I will try my best to post and respond to comments as best as I can.

I made this,



Fall Fun!

Hello sweet followers! Don’t you just love autumn? I know I “fall” for it every year! That’s just a fun joke for you that DH probably wouldn’t laugh at.

Anyway, walking around my neighbor to clear my head, I started to wonder “Hey! Isn’t it funny that those evergreen trees are green all year?” and I realized it might be fun to add some colors to them! Even nature is in need for some lifestyle advice, right?

Just playing around! I know this is silly. And DH would think it was a waste.

I happened to have my trusty glue gun on hand, along with my camera and tripod and plenty of free time, so I took some photos of what it would be like to give fall a lift!

More fall fun
“Spruce” up your evergreens? I’m “FUR” it!

I went ahead and left the glued branch on the tree. When I came back the next day, it was lying on the ground. My hunch is that a park creature moved it, or the wind. Either way I guess the branch “fell!” Ha! it looked nice on the ground so I just left it. Park improvement? You could say

I made this!

Wild Berry Jam

Hello sweet followers! I wanted to use today’s post to remind you that nature has left her beautiful harvest all around us – even in the city. For instance, the other day when I was walking around to kill time, I noticed some berries in the park across from my house.

Wild berries? Don’t mind if I do!

I couldn’t resist the chance to scoop some of these wonderful wild berries and take home with me. They were quite bitter to the taste – I’m not sure if they were even edible. I decided to try to make them into a wild red berry jam, because I have the time so why not!


Unfortunately, the berries burned pretty badly. They say a watched pot never boils but I’m not sure that’s true. I must have stared into my jam mix for two hours and it was bubbling the whole time. By the time I moved myself to stir it, it was stuck to the pan. Oh well! Here’s what I like to imagine they would have looked like.

Finished jam!
Mine didn’t quite come out like this, but you get the idea!

One thing I didn’t anticiapte is that our condominium would still smell like wild berries for days after! It’s been a nice benefit. When DH stopped at home for a few hours before heading out on another business trip, he even asked me what that smell was! So, you could say that I learned a new DIY way to create an all natural home aroma! So hey even if it wasn’t what I intended…

I made this!